A fisherman just scored the biggest payday imaginable after landing the catch of a lifetime 

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Some claim that fishing isn’t worth the time or energy to become a master at it. 

But this could change that perspective.

And now a fisherman just scored the biggest payday imaginable after landing the catch of a lifetime.

A day on the water is hard to beat

Sometimes all a guy wants to do is go fishing. 

And you can’t blame a guy for that. 

Fishing is one of those hobbies in which you get out of it what you put in it.

You can just be a casual fisherman who just floats on the pond with some rods hanging over the edge while downing some cold ones. 

Or you can be an obsessed fisherman who puts their life savings into being the best fisherman on a local circuit. 

But no matter how dedicated you are to fishing, odds are you know someone who loves it.

They may be a spouse or close friend, but most fishermen have at least one person who gets on them about wasting time or money. 

But if you are one of those fishermen facing a nagger, just know that now you have all the justification you need to keep that line in the water. 

Millions for a blue marlin

The fishing community is in shock to learn about the massive blue marlin caught earlier this week during the Big Rock Fishing Tournament in Morehead City, North Carolina. 

Big Rock is one of the biggest saltwater fishing tournaments in the country with millions of dollars in payout. 

Some of the biggest fishing teams and boats in the country are taking part in this year’s Big Rock, including NBA Hall of Famer, and North Carolina native, Michael Jordan.

And in this year’s Big Rock, teams are battling it out for over $7.5 million in prizes. 

But one of the prizes was just awarded by the tournament in a shocking catch that no one saw coming. 

The first boat that brought in a blue marlin that weighed over 500 pounds would win a whopping $1.7 million cash prize.  

And on the first weigh-in of the tournament, the boat called Release brought in a massive blue marlin that just kept coming out of the boat. 

As it was being hoisted up to be weighed, people could tell that the marlin was going to be close to the 500 pound mark. 

But to the shock of the crowd and the fishing team on Release, the blue marlin weighed 504 pounds, which made them instant millionaires. 

Just look at the excitement of the crew when they found out they just became millionaires. 

Make sure you save this video. 

Because the next time your spouse claims that you are spending too much time and money on fishing, just show them how this blue marlin was worth more than $1.5 million. 

And you may be the next millionaire fisherman. 

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