A “divine calling” is driving these freedom-loving Americans in the pacific northwest to demand secession

Featured Photo Caption: “Photo by Greater Idaho, Public Domain"

Republicans and Democrats used to debate things like reduced school lunches versus free lunch programs. 

Now they can’t even agree on whether or not biological men are capable of birthing babies showing a divide that may not be able to be bridged. 

And now a “divine calling” is driving these freedom-loving Americans in the pacific northwest to demand secession.

Welcome to Greater Idaho 

Rural Americans are fed up with metropolitan elites dictating how they live.

That’s why secession movements are popping up all over the country. 

In the pacific northwest specifically, multiple attempts to redraw state lines are currently underway, including the “Greater Idaho” movement.

Tens of thousands of residents in eastern Oregon want state lines to be redrawn so that their area becomes part of Idaho. 

The residents of eastern Oregon are tired of having what they call “the state of Portland” overwhelm their vote and force woke extremism down their throats. 

According to Team Greater Idaho spokesperson, Pastor Jason Mills, the Portland metro area covers just 4% of the Oregon’s landmass, but is home to 47% of the state’s voters. 

That means that whatever Portland wants, Portland gets – eastern Oregon be damned. 

And what Portland wants is a woke secular society in which government is the new God. 

Pastor Mills believes that a Greater Idaho would create a state leading the way with strong Christian values. 

“The progressive agenda cannot compete with . . . Christian ethics”

There are many reasons Team Greater Idaho wants out of Oregon, but one of the biggest is a divine calling. 

“The political struggle we face is a spiritual struggle, a battle of religions,” Pastor Mills wrote in an essay on Truth Script. “The differences we face are fundamentally moral.” 

Mills dismisses the faulty notion of separation of Church and state – it’s nowhere to be found in the U.S. Constitution, after all.

Instead, Mills maintains that the state needs the Church. 

“Christians provide an essential anchor for politics and culture,” Mills wrote. “Christianity is a statement regarding the ultimate source of law and authority, and if Christians do not put forward this fact, some other religion of the state will. We simply cannot accept the presuppositions of liberal policies or the myth of political neutrality. To do so is a sure path leading to destruction because liberal practice and policy will increasingly produce principle, and when that happens there will be no room for escape.” 

Mills strategizes that eastern Oregon stepping away from Portland and joining with their more like-minded neighbors in Idaho could create a state that leads by Christian example for other states to follow. 

“The realignment of states allows the culture to recognize the difference between good and bad by way of contrast,” Mills added. “As Christians, we do not celebrate the valleys getting lower, but we should be happy to see the hills getting higher because it enlarges this necessary antithesis. This inverse may lead to God-ordained jealousy because the progressive agenda cannot compete with the fruit that comes from a culture and government influenced by Christian ethics.”

While Mills’ dream is improbable, it’s not impossible. 

So far, 15 eastern Oregon counties have already passed resolutions to leave their current states and join Idaho. 

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