A Democrat Senate candidate is in hot water after this group caught him breaking the law

Democrat politicians think the rules don’t apply to them. 

If a candidate for Senate is already breaking the law, imagine how corrupt they will be if they make it to Congress. 

Now a Democrat Senate candidate is in hot water after this group caught him breaking the law.

Already violating the law and Senate ethics

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, an independent watchdog group, has filed a complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to request an investigation on Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman of Pennsylvania. 

The complaint alleges Fetterman failed to disclose several of his real estate properties as Senate candidates are required to by law. 

Senate candidates are required to disclose all properties with a fair market value over $1,000. 

Fetterman filed a personal financial disclosure on July 29 that failed to report at least eight real estate properties that he owns. 

All except one property has an assessed value over $1,000, though it is likely that the fair market value of that property exceeds $1,000 as well. 

FACT’s executive director Kendra Arnold said, “Candidates are well aware of their obligation to comply with the law and have an affirmative duty to do so. When a Senate candidate fails to comply with the disclosure laws, it is indicative as to whether they will comply with the law if elected—and it is especially concerning when they don’t.”

Arnold makes a good point. 

If Fetterman is already flouting the law and ethics rules, it’s a good bet that he is going to be corrupt if he makes it to the Senate.

Is he even fit for office?

This Senate race is highly competitive with John Fetterman facing off against Trump-endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz for the open seat. 

Fetterman’s ethics violation is just the latest problem for the candidate. 

Fetterman faces serious health issues that could significantly impair his ability to serve as a U.S. Senator. 

Fetterman recently suffered a severe stroke and as a result struggles to think clearly and form words and coherent sentences.

Fetterman had initially declined invitations to debate Dr. Oz. 

After the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran editorials saying that he is unwilling to debate his opponent he is unfit to serve in the Senate, Fetterman reversed course and agreed to a single debate against Dr. Oz. 

Fetterman said the debate would “be sometime in the middle to end of October,” and would be carried on a “major television station.”

Dr. Oz called Fetterman out, noting that early voting in Pennsylvania starts on September 19, therefore many voters would have already cast their ballot by the time the debate is held.

Fetterman seems to follow the Joe Biden strategy of appearing in public as little as possible in order to conceal his diminished mental faculties. 

“This is not about health,” Dr. Oz explained. “This is about honesty. You’re either healthy, which [Fetterman] says he is pretty much, or you’re not debating because you don’t want to face the rigors of being pushed on your radical positions. Or you’re lying about being healthy.”

Considering Fetterman already got caught lying on his disclosure form, lying about his health seems to be very likely. 

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