A CNN host just made one prediction that will keep Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi up late at night

The clock is ticking.

Time is running out for Democrats to turn things around before the November Midterm elections.

And now a CNN host just made one prediction that will keep Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi up late at night.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are facing an uphill battle to maintain control of Congress after November.

With the Senate split 50/50 between the two parties, Republicans only need to flip one seat to take back the Senate and oust Schumer from power.

On the House side, Republicans only need to flip five seats to take back the Speaker’s Gavel from Nancy Pelosi.

Joe Biden is dragging down Democrats

Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency is potentially setting Democrats up for a major wipeout at the ballot box.

After a long string of failures, Joe Biden is now the most unpopular President in the history of modern polling.

Nancy Pelosi was counting on using her January 6 witch hunt to paint Republicans as domestic terrorists in the eyes of voters ahead of the Midterm elections.

When that effort failed, Democrats then placed their chips on using the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade to fire up their base and give them an edge over Republicans.

But the latest polls continue to show that voters are far more concerned with the economy and inflation than they are with January 6 and abortion-on-demand.

Of course, Joe Biden is gaslighting the American people by claiming the economy is “better” than ever.

Even though gas prices were still more than double what they were when he took office, Biden tried to take a victory lap over the small drop in price in recent weeks.

And after the latest GDP report showed two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth – which is the definition of a recession – Joe Biden changed the meaning of the word and declared the economy was not in recession.

CNN’s terrifying prediction

CNN is the most left-wing of all the corporate-controlled media outlets.

Joe Biden and the Democrats can usually depend on CNN to parrot any talking points given to them by the administration.  

That’s why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are terrified over what CNN Business Editor at Large and host Richard Quest just predicted about inflation.

Skyrocketing inflation is already the top concern for voters headed into November.

And according to Richard Quest, inflation is not going away anytime soon.

“[Y]ou’re going to see inflation continue to rise for the foreseeable future,” Quest said on Monday. “It might slow down a bit, but prices are going to continue to rise, for the foreseeable future,” he continued, before adding “that is going to happen.”

Even though Quest predicted inflation to rise, he tried to blame it on anyone other than Joe Biden.

“Oil and gas [are] designated and driven by external factors,” Quest said. “So, you’re going to be looking at Ukraine. You’re going to be looking at Saudi [Arabia]. You’re going to be looking at the ability of Texas and North Dakota and South Dakota to generate more oil and gas. Those are the factors,” he added.

The political atmosphere already looked bleak for the Democrats.

If Quest is correct about inflation “rising for the foreseeable future,” Democrats will go down in flames at the ballot box.

And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will be ousted from power.

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